Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New things cooking in my kitchen!

I've been talking to Kate about The Afflicted -and have got a go! from her on re-envisioning it!

This is very, very exciting - as mentioned earlier, I always loved the film, and right now miriad ideas are shooting through my head... I hope Jase180 and AnotherNewDawn, as the creators of the contest, will allow me to use the original music made by Sherwin Liu specially for this movie - it will be perfect for the images I see!

The next thing to think long and hard about is which actors to get into contact with.. we're not allowed to have the original ones, so this needs some serious thought. Although I can see myself taking one of the smaller roles, I'm not yet sure about whom to ask to embody the principle characters ... exciting times!

The second project on my plate is a little something for Ken, the founder of TMU - this will be short, and very funny - reading the script, I had to giggle quite inanely! It will be a lot of fun to bring this to life!

There's even a third pot stewing.... someone offered to write a script for me, and no, at the moment I'm not willing to say more... :)... but it seems this will be a busy kitchen for the next few month, with lots of experimenting and new ingredients.

Makes me happy!

Last but not least, I wish everyone a happy and successful 2009 - may all your dreams come true, and all your projects prosper!

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Killian said...

2009 is gonna be another busy year for you, my dear :)

Chat Noir said...

I can smell wonderful things from Sisch's kitchen!

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