Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you've been wondering what I'm doing.....

It's been a while since I updated this blog! One of the many reasons is that life got very hectic around christmas and New Year, with a lot of rl work which sapped my strength considerably.

Then I've been thinking a lot recently, and though I've got a script lying here, ready to film (and I still think it's a very good script), I'm not ready to make the movie, and have no idea when I will be, or if I I'll ever be. It's a long, complicated to film story, it would need loads of mods; and I would have to make a lot of compromises to make it happen at all.

I'm just not up to it.

So what do I do when I'm fed up and undecided about something? I learn something new - and that's creating fashion for Second Life!
Currently I'm happily grappling with Photoshop; brushes, pen tool, layers; making textures... it's great fun, and I've opened a little shop where I sell my creations:

I've also blogging about my shop here

I have to admit I've grown very fond of the look of SL - in my opinion, it is very, very beautiful! And maybe (just maybe) I'll one day start filming here - something small, and uncomplicated..... but not now.


So, I'm taking a "sabbatical" from machinima!
For those of you who would like to offer me roles in their movies - though I'm not around much on any of the forums at the moment, you can still reach me via e-mail; and I will take on roles - just, I will be picky about what I do. But don't hesitate to ask!

Until then! :)
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