Sunday, January 25, 2009

Work on "The Afflicted" has started!

As the end of january draws near, work on my new film, the re-imagining of Kate Lee's "The Afflicted" has finally started in earnest - there's so much to do and so little time!

Of course, that's what I always say - but in this case, as there's a deadline...

Most of the vo's are in, and I think I've found just the right actors to bring this to a new life - more on that later, at this moment I won't give away names yet. :)

Mike DeBoing has consented to do some special "The Movies" mods for me - thank you, Mike! - so some of the sets I built in Moviestorm have been tailored so that the TM footage can be green-screened into them at a later point. AngriBhuddist has done a special mod for Moviestorm for me - looks great! - and I'm having fun putting this film together!

This is the first time I actually asked modders to make content especially for one of my movies; so far I always used what was available to everyone, or put things together for TM with my very limited modding skills using Rileyman's excellent "set2prop" program and MED... so I'm very excited about this!

Finally, here are two screenshots of "The Afflicted" - they will give you an idea about the look of the film, and showcase one of the sets I built for it in Moviestorm.
As you can see, I went for a monochrome look, which fits the movie nicely, I think.

It also shows two of the characters of the movie:
Terbing, the male lead, and Treen, which is voiced by me.

More updates to come soon!

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Killian said...

This should be another quality product cooked up in your kitchen, my dear :) Looking forward to this one very much.

ChatNoir said...

Oh my! The screenshots look marvelous!

Kate said...

Sounds really interesting Sisch!

Norrie said...

Those screen shots look great. Stark; austere, and, dare I say, bleached.

Killian: get my coat :)

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