Sunday, March 8, 2009

Things coming together

I received some of my special mods from MikeDBoing yesterday - just look at some of his TM mods here and you'll know how good he is!! Thank you, Mike!

So finally I'm able to put some things together, and get a feeling how it all will look in the end - up to now, a lot was only in my minds eye. I rendered a 30sec testscene today - for reference - and oh well, it took nearly an hour to get it done.....

Another thing that I like very much in Vegas is that you can combine .veg files - and the best thing - if you combine two or more of them, and have to change something in one of them, you're able to change the original .veg and the changes appear automatically in the combined one! (what a sentence) This is pure bliss for me - as every other scene is heavily chroma-keyed....

I hope that in the end, I'll be able to piece together the combined .veg files of all the scenes and render the whole film from there - before, I always had to make renders of every individual scene and piece those together, so it would be great to be able to skip that step.

Slowly, slowly, we're getting there! :)

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Killian said...

Good stuff :) Keep at it :)

playsyndicate said...

Hallo Simone! Ich habe endlich Syndicate the Movie veröffentlicht. Du sprichst darin ja zwei Rollen, und ich dachte daher, ich sollte Dir bescheid sagen.

Ich bin echt beeindruckt von Deinen Arbeiten. Wenn ich einige Filme von Dir oder z.B. November von pookashells sehe, dann finde ich es schade, daß ich das mit dem Set-modding nie hingekriegt habe. Aber was solls. :)

Norrie said...

.veg? Doesn't sound great, but I'll take your word for it :)
Can't wait to see the Mike mods; he's as good as it gets in my opinion.
I love the screenies: I think Kate will love your take on limited interaction. (Eek, I've said too much)

Am I right in thinking that Vegas has only one audio track? I must have read that wrongly.

sisch said...

Thanks Norrie! :)
Vegas has unlimited audio and visual tracks - adding a new one is as simple as right-clicking, choosing "new audio track" or "new video track" and there you are. You also can delete tracks and change the order of tracks easily - which I greatly appreciate!
I'm very, very happy with Vegas - it was a good investment, and I'm beginning to feel really at home working with it!

Guppi said...

Mrs G trying to get to her VO backlog, but things have been hectic.
Damn that Mike D. Boing, I want to be Sisch's modding bitch :(

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