Saturday, May 23, 2009

A mistake I won't make again

Ever wanted to smack yourself real hard? I do right now....

The Afflicted could be nearly finished right now. But it isn't, and it's entirely my fault, for thinking too much of my ability to clean vo's and get them to sound just right.

Having made a lot of machinima films, I'm used to working with different quality vo's. Everyone has a different set-up, different quality mic, room sounds etc. etc. etc.
So from the start, I tried to learn as much about quality and sound enhancement as I could, experimenting a lot - and though it often wasn't easy, I was able to get good results.

Now this time, I overestimated myself. And the worst part is, I only realised it now -when every scene is filmed, composited, ready.... at the stage when I add the original vo's and the sounds to the finished product. It just doesn't work. I do owe an apology to Goofparade, who told me from the start he thought I should ask for retakes after listening to a sample of my cleaning efforts.
I cleaned again instead, and thought this time I got it.

Apparently not - I have to admit that I made a mistake, asked for help (thank you, Ricky, for your time and efforts!) - and now re-takes it is. Which means I'll have to re-film all the scenes for which the new takes will be made, and go back to compositing and snippets-exporting...

Thankfully, the actor in question will do the vo's again - and by no means I want to lay any blame there - this is entirely my mistake, and one I will make never again.

And of course it means you'll have to wait a little longer for the movie...

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Killian said...

These things are sent to try us, my dear; it's just one of those unfortunate happenings that seem to plague the life of an anymation director :)

Unfortunately, we all have to go through a "oh bugger, I wish I'd have done X when I did Y" moments, so the only thing one can do in these situations is shrug, put it down to experience and move on; don't beat yourself up over it (perfectionism is a curse as well as a blessing, as you're only too well aware ;))

I'm sure I speak for the majority when I say "take as long as you need; we'll be waiting patiently for this as we know it'll be on a par with your other work and therefore no disappointment at all".

More power to your elbow!

Cathy said...

I would much rather wait for a film, knowing that the filmmaker is crafting it to his or her highest standards than watch something half-heartedly dashed out. I applaud your high production standards and look forward to enjoying the results. Shakespeare said it best in Hamlet - "To thine own self be true." What a perfect mantra for a filmmaker.

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