Friday, February 6, 2009

Fun with new and updated programs!

My Vegas arrived today - and just from playing with it for an hour, and testing the chroma keying abilities, I know I'll love this.... it's so incredibly much better than what I'm used to! :)

Only thing I need to find out about is which codec (?) to use for the sound of my Moviestorm renders - it definitely isn't the one I used before, 'cause there's no sound. But I'm sure I'll find out about that quickly...

Moviestorm got updated today - we now have a breathing function, and an advanced mood changer - I've been experimenting with that, too; the breathing is great! The rest will get tested over the next few days while working away on "The Afflicted".

So, generally a fun day in sisch's kitchen.... with lots of new spices.... :p

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Kate Fosk and Michael R. Joyce said...

Sisch, it is a while since I tried this but I have never been able to get MS's sound directly into vegas 6, so I imagine vegas 8 may have same problem. I like vegas very much, look forward to seeing what you produce!-Kate

Ricky Grove said...

Perhaps you could export the sound separately from the video in MS? Or can you use Fraps to capture just the sound? I'll bet Phil Rice will have some ideas.

Yep, nice updates for Moviestorm. Looking forward to working with them myself.

good luck!


sisch said...

Thanks for your comments, Kate and Ricky - yes, I already contacted Phil, and I now know what I have to do. It affords an extra step, but I have sound!

Killian said...

More toys for the Teutonic Maiden to squeeze every last drop of use out of :)

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