Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New screenshots and update on "The Afflicted"

Work on "The Afflicted" progresses nicely - I've already completed (short of the background footage, which will be filmed in "The Movies") three of the many conversation scenes, started on the intro scene - which I'm still not sure if it will be kept as it is right now - it's a bit complicated, because I have to imagine how a TV scene in the future might look -
but so far I'm content with what I've shot.

Once again I'm very glad I've made the switch to Moviestorm - this film is very heavy (again) on dialogue; an intimate setting - I would feel incredibly constrained now if I had to shoot all that in TM.
With Moviestorm, I'm justing going "berserk" again in adding layers and layers of gestures, a feature I just love, love, love. Did I mention I love it? :)

Two more screenies taken from the film - I had an idea concerning the look, and I'm very curious how it will pay off in the finished movie.

I've also finally decided to switch editing programs - from Magix to Sony Vegas Pro 8 -
and I'm looking very much forward to immerse myself into learning how to use it.
Should be in the post tomorrow..... though I'm not sure I'll make the switch during filming this project - depends on how fast I feel comfortable with Vegas.

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Ricky Grove said...

The new film is looking very good, Sisch. Glad Moviestorm is working out for you. And your switch to Sony Vegas is smart. I think you'll be much happier with this editor. Shouldn't be too hard to learn. Phil Rice has been using it for years (I'm an Adobe Premiere guy), so you might consider asking him for some tips. Lynda.com has an in-depth course on the editor. Let me know if I can help with anything. rgrove@iliadbooks.com


Norrie said...

I'm loving the look you're giving this: seems perfect for Kate's vision; stark and clean.
I don't know Windows editors (Final Cut for me), but I'm glad you've switched. The Magix problems you encountered during Grace sounded terrible. Mind you, I always blame the MicroSoft OS :)

Two things I'm dying to see: the film, and Kate's take on it. Does her reaction make you feel more nervous than usual? I bet it does, but doesn't that make it more fun (well, maybe fun is the wrong word)?

sisch said...

Thanks Ricky - yeah, Phil's tutorial videos and the incredible render quality of videos made in Vegas were what made me want to switch in the first place - Adobe Premiere was on my "Wanted" list, too, but that's even more expensive - too expensive for me.... thanks for the offer of help! :)

Norrie, yes I am a bit nervous, of course! - I want to do her proud - but at the same time, it's incredible fun. I already know nearly every line of the script by heart, and new ideas are constantly flowing in - one of the main difficulties is that the original movie is on the periphery of my vision all the time, and finding new pictures for what I consider to be a perfect realisation of the mood and story without just plain copying it using another engine is not easy... but a great challenge, and I do like challenges :)

Norrie said...

I know you'll do her proud.
Kate writes so well, as do you, so this will be a treat. And don't even get me started on Sherwin's music!

Mind you, if it wasn't a challenge, would it be as much fun?

Killian said...

Challenge, schmallenge... she's loving every minute of this, I can tell! ;)

Can't wait for you to premiere this quintessential piece in a new form... and nudge the bar for the rest of us up another notch, no doubt.

luxaeternam said...

Love the aesthetics and the purity you've gone for in this film. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as much as (if not more than) Saving Grace.

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