Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saving Grace premiere in Second Life!

Tonight, at 10 AM pacific time, Saving Grace will be premiered at Second Life - in Overman's Z - Studios Theatre - many thanks to Ricky Grove for choosing my movie; I'm very excited about this! :)

The film is also featured at Machiniplex now; and details about the premiere can be found on the Machiniplex blog.

I'm a bit nervous about it all - just took my first steps in SL yesterday - at least I know how to move around and chat... :D

Hope to see you there!

Edit: pictures of the event are here!

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Killian said...

Good luck; have fun and break a leg! Well deserved, my dear :)

Dulci said...

How did it go?

Ricky Grove said...

It went very well, Dulci. One of the best Premiere's we've ever had. About 12-15 people came and the conversation was very interesting. Phil Rice ran the show this time. Sisch's answers were thoughtful and considered. We talked about how the film was made, what worked well about it, Sisch's process for working and lots of other interesting stuff. Will do a short re-cap at tomorrow with pix. We've got to work out a way to archive these events for folks who can't make it.

My thanks to Sisch for making such a wonderful film and for agreeing to discuss it in a language not native to her and for giving such great answers. I'm inspired now.

sisch said...

Thank you Ricky - you made me feel very welcome, and it was great fun to watch the movie with others and read their comments while doing it - I've never got so much instant feedback before! :)
It was a wonderful experience, and I will try to attend to Machiniplex premieres now regularly!

I've added a picture slide show to the right - Norrie took pics of the event for me, thank you! I know I have picture overload on the blog at the moment, but.... :D

Norrie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It's a great medium for getting people together like that.
I'm looking forward to attending more of these, and seeing some films that are new to me.
Many thanks to the hosts; and sympathies to Sisch for having to do the whole interview without coffee or cigarettes!

sisch said...

Yeah - poor me! :D

For the next time I'm going to attend a premiere - or the story conference Ricky hinted at - I'll definitely need a headset to have at least one hand free!

chatNoir said...

I’m sorry I missed the event. The screenshot looks fantastic! It looks really fun. I wish I could have been there. (By the way which one is Norri and which one is Guppi? Is Norri the cute robot?)

sisch said...

Norrie is the hot red-head with the sparkly shoes (I'm very jealous, I want shoes like that, too!) - Guppi is the cutie.... :D

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