Saturday, March 28, 2009

When the Muse visits you......

... and you never can predict when, or why..... what do you do?


You grab a good hold on her - or in my case, wake up, shuffle around to find pen and paper and refuse to let her go until you have at least an outline of the new story idea she's whispering in your ear.... which was exactly what I had to do this morning.

The Muse was not amused -

but please don't worry or send a complaint about me to the Organisation Against Maltreatment of Muses; I let her go eventually - I have learned that if you don't, she won't be forthcoming with elaborations, so you (I) have to let her fly away, to return in the near future with more ideas to flesh out the story she just planted the seeds for in your (my) mind.

Nevertheless, I was able to pen down the rough outlines of something that I'm more than mildly excited about. Something I haven't done before. Something that I'll have to put on hold (I need a break, anyway; badly) until some addons for Moviestorm are appearing which are, as I understand it, being worked upon; something which would need the help of an experienced MS modder - something for which the images are already appearing thick and fast. Not since Dark Obsession have I felt this driven and on the edge of more ideas like now. The main characters are there. The outline, the beginning, the end - are there. Now the bones need flesh.

I hope the little Muse returns tonight! :)

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Killian said...

Oooo, now I'm officially intrigued :)

Sounds like something that will blow us all away again, me dear :)

Norrie said...

"Not since Dark Obsession have I felt this driven and on the edge of more ideas like now."

Oh my. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to read that. It's like... well, words can't express it :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm. You have a "Muse" PM at the MS forums.

Matt Kelland said...

Excellent - I hope whatever it is, it's a lot of fun to create. It's great when those moments happen.

Dulci said...

a demanding muse is a good thing!

sisch said...

Okaaaay - the film will definitely be made. Though I haven't written anything down yet except character bios, I'm sure about this - the idea is too good to let it go.
I even know whom I would like to give voice to which character... without having written a single word of dialogue yet!
I will also have to change my whole approach to script-writing for this.

In other words - interesting times! (wasn't that an old chinese curse... :p)

ChatNoir said...

Hm... Enticing. I cannot wait to see the movie! (And I love your drawings!)

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