Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Enforced breaks.... well, semi-breaks

I have been talking for quite some time now about the need to take a break.... and actually, the break was forced on me rather sooner than I wanted to.

Truth is, for the last two weeks, I have been doing nothing on The Afflicted, haven't taken much part in the community (no listening to TMOA, no chatroom, next to no watching films)... simply because I have been slapped down by the worst cold I've had in ages. Maybe it wouldn't have come out this bad if I had done the sensible thing and stayed away from work, but it's just typical me to refuse to go see a doctor... and crawl to work no matter what.

Well, I've got what I deserved - I'm still not feeling my usual self, my nose and voice still don't sound good (after two weeks!); though it's getting better slowly now, and I'm starting to pick up where I left off. And of course it was only a semi-break - I'm just not able to stay away from my computer totally, so I redesigned the look of this blog last weekend (using a template by Our blog templates - I really want to learn to do them myself - another thing on my list... ), and... (enough whining now)
... wrote the largest part of the script to the idea the Muse hit me with - after long consideration (I'm lying) I couldn't really make myself believe that to be "work" .... :p

Strange thing about that script - it wrote itself almost by itself so far, which is kind of spooky - because it's so very different from the sripts I wrote before - I had to go the 'Matt Way' with this, because of the story being..... (no, I won't tell :p).
Right now it's in the hands of Norrie, and I'm anxiously awaiting his feedback and suggestions.

In other news; a whole bunch of people are waiting for me to do urgently needed vo's for them... and I will do them this week, stuffed nose or not. I'm very sorry for the hassle I caused!

Work on The Afflicted will be taken up again after Easter - man, am I glad the deadline for the competition was taken off....

Oh, and while you're still here, I highly recommend you'll watch this - I just did this morning, and was totally blown away:

Lizards Coming Home

I can't embed it here, because it's in the 18+ category. It's a sci-fi dystopia with a wonderful story, inspiring visuals, vo's, music - I've never seen iClone look this good! Go watch it now! :)

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Dulci said...

I have noticed your absence and missed you! Good to hear you're taking care of yourself.

And I agree - Coming Home is simply amazing!

Killian said...

Well, it had to come... all work and no play make Sisch's whip droop :P

An enforced break is probably exactly what you needed (whether you wanted it or not!) to refresh the batteries; your health is the most important thing you have, so you should be taking decent care of yourself.

Glad to hear you're feeling better and pfft on the voices; if people can't understand that you're a human being and there are more important things than running yourself ragged to provide VOs for others, then bad on them, says I....

...now, where are my VOs?!


Norrie said...

Ah, working comments :)
I read this yesterday (with working script in cyber hand), and felt as guilty as a really guilty thing who's quite guilty (I'm rubbish at metaphors. It's like I'm...
see what I mean)

Can't wait to read it: need full brain capacity though. At the moment it feels like my brain is trying to escape via my sinuses.

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