Thursday, April 16, 2009

Costume frenzy - Stage acting

As some of you know, I'm a member of a theatre group, and once a year, we stage a play. For over half a year, we have been working hard on our roles - and on May 14th, we will perform the play for a small audience made up mostly of friends and relatives.

I'm looking forward to it with equal measures of delight and dread - will I remember all my lines? Will the audience have fun? Will I get in and out of my costumes fast enough??

Because for the first time ever, each of us has to change costumes for every scene - most of us play several roles, and we all now carry suitcases to every rehearsal, taking time on how long it takes us to change...

Costumes, costumes, costumes!
Since I was a child, I loved dressing up, slipping into another skin with a new outfit, a new make-up, a new hair-do or wig. And it is amazing how much a costume helps you to invent a character, and fill it with life! I've been taking pictures of our group now (I'm trying to make a little "book" with pics and character descriptions for each of us); and seen through the cameras lense, became aware of how much postures and facial expressions change according to the role. I hope we came a long way since we started rehearsing in terms of making the roles unique... and sometimes I wish for the time when I was a child, when being someone else was so much easier.

Wish us luck!

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Dulci said...

Will anyone take some pictures, or maybe even bring a recorder with them so we can watch the play too? :)

sisch said...

Yes Dulci, pictures will be taken, and the play will be filmed - but it is 1 hour long, and in german... maybe I'll edit one or two scenes out and subtitle them...

Norrie said...

Think of the fun you could have subtitling completely random words to the play for us :)

I won't say good luck, oddly that's bad luck in Britain.

So, break a leg!

Killian said...

I will echo the sentiments to have fun, enjoy it and probably picture the audience naked (again :P)... I suppose it'd be too much to ask if there are any nun costumes being worn in this? ;)

Norrie said...

Silly Killian.
That's Austrian, not German :)

P.S. I thought you pictured everyone naked?

Daninsky said...

Well, well, well don't we all miss childhood? Nah, not really. :)
Now, how do you actors say? Break a leg?
Have fun playing, and don't forget too many lines. :D

P.S.: Love the new look, of the site off course!

ChatNoir said...

Break a leg indeed! I'd love to see some clips, with or without subtitles.

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