Thursday, April 23, 2009

The two things I like best!

After my longish, enforced break, I had to do something to get back into movie-making mood... what could be better to do that than combining two of the things I like best?
Which are? Well, singing and movie-making, of course!

So here it is - my rendition of the Cole Porter classic "What is this thing called Love", accompanied by a video shot in Moviestorm.

Hope you enjoy! :)

The Thing called Love from sisch on Vimeo.

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Killian said...

Sublime... simply sublime... though I think the duet with Norrie should be given it's own version ;)

Norrie said...

Killian: that's just screaming out for a "from the sublime to the ridiculous" comment.
So I did :D

Killian said...

Far be it from me to disappoint you, my scottish chum ;)

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