Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Back in business, baby -

I've got my vo re-takes for The Afflicted, already re-shot and re-composited (is that a word? Oh bugger), and now it won't take that much longer to finish the movie!

Sound design is coming along fine, too - I've reverted to my old working style, doing it scene by scene.

So all's well in sisch-topia. :)

On another note, I just saw a film that blew me away -
Mellowhardy's Cafe Insomniac ep. 2 - just wow!
I strongly recommend you watch it, and if you haven't seen ep. 1 (shame on you!), do that first!
It's a great story, professionally filmed - the camera work is to die for, and pure inspiration to me!

Until soon!

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Cathy said...

WOW! Cafe Insomniac was off the hook! Thanks for the recommendation. And CONGRATS to you for getting back into your work groove! I look forward to your next film. :)

BiggsTrek said...

Great to read that, sisch. :) (I had no doubts, of course. :)

Norrie said...

sisch-topia :) I must remember that.

Thrilled that your affliction is less Afflicted (ha ha, geddit?)

Once it's done you need to take a wee break... sing some songs, let "un-named project" simmer on the stove (nod to Killian), and relax.

You never know, you might feel a bit "Country"?

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