Sunday, June 7, 2009

When nothing works as you want it to

A two weeks holiday for which I had so many plans - and now I've spent most of the first week lying flat on my back and accomplishing next to nothing ... must be some cosmic thing that makes me come down with a very nasty bout of stomach-flu during my holiday!

Haven't been able to do any of the vo's I promised people, The Afflicted is lying around unfinished, haven't been able to export Saving Grace in two parts to a format that the uploader on bitfilms will accept... haven't been able to work on an idea for a music vid that struck me; or sing any of the songs I wanted to practise on.

The only good news is that the script for my not-yet-to-be-named- project is slowly growing - in fact, is nearly written in it's entirety, but a whole new bunch of questions have arisen... I'm not at all sure that I'll be capable of doing it any time soon. As of now, it has about 18 characters who just need to have distinct faces - I'm not sure I can pull that off with Moviestorm at the moment.
Just as well that I planned on a break after The Afflicted - I'll have to do some serious brain-storming, asking a lot of modders for help - but that won't help the lack of faces, especially as I will need even more different characters for mass-scenes.

Of course it could work with incorporating The Movies characters - but I really want to make this film using MS only. *sigh*
Doesn't help either that I think this is the best script I've written so far, and that my perfectionistic streak insists on not making compromises.. or if I have to, the less, the better.

Oh well.

Off to bed now again - I'm sure everything will look brighter again once I've recovered fully.


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Richard Grove said...

Sorry sorry you've been sick. I know what it's like when you've got so many projects and ideas you want to try out. But your health is more important. Get well first, then you'll be able to work better and faster.

Perhaps someone can help out with getting 18 unique faces in MS for your project?

Good luck. My thoughts are with you.


Norrie said...

I wondered why you'd been absent from so many places :(
Hope you feel better soon, horrible timing for the flu.

Didn't I read something on MS about modding faces? I'm sure Bongo was whinging (what's new!)

A bit silly of BitFilms insisting on YouTube. Surely that discriminates against films longer than 10 minutes?

Anyhoo, let's hope "Unnamed" can be done. Your best will surely be worth waiting for :)

Get well soon,

Cathy said...

So sorry to hear you've been ill. I imagine it must be very frustrating to hold back all your ideas - but your health must come first, so please take good care of yourself. As a faithful audience member I'd rather see you get well and wait patiently for your next project to be finished. So hang-in-there we are all thinking good thoughts for your recovery! :)

Killian said...

Jeez, love, you've been in the wars this year; two bouts of dreaded lurgy in the last few months... and there's nothing worse than it coming smack bang in the middle of your vacation time :(

As Cathy says, be damned to "work"; you need to rest and recuperate because, if I know you, you'll only be burning the midnight oil, agonising over every last shot otherwise!

Dr Killy says "get some rest, wench!"

chatNoir said...

I hope you're feeling better. God, I'm so curious about your unnamed project!

sisch said...

@ Kate: I'll let you read it once it's finished, if you want to! :)

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone!

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