Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The secret project is ready for take-off!

Or should I say, ready to be read by someone who knows about modding, and I'm ready to be asked if I'm crazy... *insert nervous-smiley here*

24 pages, 21 characters, the first time I will need not one, not two, no! - a whole bunch of mods to be made especially for a project.... I'm excited and still dread the verdict of those who will (hopefully) work with me on this.

I'd like to thank both Norrie and Kate Lee, who have read, proofed, suggested, read again, suggested some more... without both of you, the script wouldn't be as it is now! Thanks for all the time you invested in this - I just hope I'll be able to bring it to the screen!

Finding the 21 actors to voice the characters seems comparatively easy in contrast to the mod work - as always, a lot of the roles are already taken by what I call my 'dream-cast' in my mind - but I will worry about that once I'm a bit more sure if the project can be realised in Moviestorm as the only engine, or if I have to consider mixing again.

Oh well.... :)

For the moment, I refuse to be disheartened, and present to you the name of the project.... keep your fingers crossed!

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Killian said...

Woot, woot and thrice woot!

I find myself dribbling already... I must get myself a new bib to catch the drool ;)

Overman said...

How exciting! I'm contributing to Killian's drool pool.

Eww, I didn't realize how gross that would sound til I typed it. :)

Norrie said...

I was going to make a really profound statement here; but my brain has been scarred by Phil's image.
Eeewwww, indeed :)

sisch said...

*gets a mop to...* :D

Thank you, guys, your support is much appreciated! :)

Killian said...

Hey! There's a movie in that!

Ok, maybe not... ;)

IceAxe said...

And I thought you were taking a break after The Afflicted! Is this your idea of a break?! Sounds interesting, when're you going to tell us more about it?

sisch said...

I am taking a break, Ice - the modding will take some time, and I don't intend to start filming until part of it is done - certainly not before september or october. :)

As for telling more.... naaaah, not yet. :p

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