Friday, August 21, 2009

Exciting times!

This month so far had a lot of exciting things happening:

The MachinExpo 2009 is accepting submissions now - don't forget to submit your movies! I'm looking very much forward to the event in Second Life in November - hopefully it will be at a time when I can attend (sometimes it sucks to be on a european timezone.. :p).

Trace Sanderson
and Kate Fosk have created a fascinating new site for grown-up Machinima - visit Fallopian, were you'll find movies and directors showcased who are as far away from the general Machinima clich├ęs - lots of guns, explosions, game-related jokes - as you can imagine... and maybe even farther! :) Thank you Trace and Kate!

There's also a new group on Vimeo - Women in Machinima - also created by Trace and Kate - every female Machinima creator is invited to add their films to it, regardless of the engine it was created with! To quote Trace: "Let's celebrate women in machinima!" And there's a lot to celebrate, I think. :)

I'm also really excited that Chat Noir - Kate Lee and Sherwin Liu - are back in the machinima making 'business' - they have gotten their teeth into Moviestorm and released a wonderful one-minute film (made for the Filminute 2009) called Darren, and are currently working on a big project - I can hardly wait to see it!
They also have a brand-new blog 'In the Mind's Eyes of the Black Cats', where, apart from posting about their filming process, interesting, mind-stimulating discussions can be joined. Love it! :)

Me, I'm enjoying my holiday - and I finally got iClone 3 Pro, which means I'm trying to learn everything I can about it. Which is quite a lot - iClone offers loads of possibilities and because of that, has quite a learning curve. For me, it isn't really intuitive, so I do a lot of reading and watching tutorials, hoping to get into it a bit before iClone 4 hits the market - the new features that are being revealed right now are what decided me to try the program again and though my progress is slow (compared to the ease with which Moviestorm came to me), I'm glad I did.
I've even begun to work on an iClone shortie - but it will take me some time to finish that yet... it still needs some more hair-pulling, set-building, learning and ranting. ;)
I'm looking forward to at some time combining iClone and Moviestorm material....

Anyway, here's the set I'm building right now...

Exciting times!

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rgrove said...

Wow! That's all great news, Sisch. I didn't know about the Vimeo group. Will head right over there. Good luck on learning iclone 3. The manual is well written. Be sure to watch some of James Martin's how-to vids at his site. He an awful redneck satanist, but don't hold that against him.

Chat Noir said...

Oh, Thank you for mentioning us when there're so many really exciting things happening.

You've got iClonePro now! We'll be watching what you can create with that tool!
*holds the opening of my wallet tight*

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the mention/s! Good luck with Iclone, it does look an amazing tool, that street looks great, you have been super busy!


Norrie said...

Nice looking street. I like the brick wall textures; very crisp.
I noticed someone missing from Women in Machinima. Someone who would be invaluable. Want me to contact Loopy?

*covers head and scurries away*

Anonymous said...

Looking wonderful Sisch, can't wait to see what you produce with an extra tool set. Thanks for all the mentions :) _Kate

HatHead said...

Welcome new iCloner! :)

Cathy said...

Great post - you are right - we are living in very exciting times for machinima and the arts.

IceAxe said...

What a co-incidence... I'm actually downloading iClone 3 at the moment! (Just to have a look)

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