Thursday, October 29, 2009

Atopic, Machinima Expo, graphic cards and smoke-signs...

It has been a bit quiet here for some time now... but that doesn't mean that there isn't a lot happening!

The Atopic festival is in full swing - I'm so proud that my film Saving Grace is being shown there, and I wish I would be able to attend - but alas, I have to work... :(
I'm looking forward to IceAxe's adventures in Paris though, I'm sure he will have a lot to tell! And hopefully we'll get to see some pictures, too! :)

I'm also looking very much forward to Machinima Expo - so many wonderful films have been chosen for the consideration of the jury - quite a few of my personal all-time favourites! and I'm very happy, and again proud, that two of my films are among those - both Saving Grace and :transient:, the latter being one of my not so widely known movies of which I personally always have been very fond of. :)
I will also be on the panel of 'Women in Machinima' this year - looking very much forward to get to talk to the machinimatoresses (what a word... lol).

My own movie making is on full hold at the moment - my graphic cards have been causing more and more troubles in the last few month; an update of the drivers made Moviestorm nearly unworkable for me, though it helped with some of the other problems... and iClone is playing sluggishly, too. I know which new graphic card and system I want, but at the moment, all the components I'd like to have are sold out in germany.... so it's more waiting. Which isn't that bad - I'm doing more singing and voice overs in the meantime... :)

I am also waiting for iClone 4 to appear in the german version - which will hopefully be at the end of november. I have high hopes for the facial animation features and the motion-pathing - I never made a secret of it that I'm slightly disappointed in the facial /motion capabilities of iClone 3, and I hope version 4 will make a big difference.

In other news, I've quit smoking - wednesday, 21st october. It's going surprisingly well so far - I'm only slightly more agressive than usual, haven't gained weight yet (and doing my best so that it stays that way), plus I already can feel that my voice is better.... so, singing will get better. Which is the reward for having to give up my one and only vice!
Gah, I'm so boring now........... :D

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Richard Grove said...

Congratulations on showing at the Atopic Festival. And thanks for the nice words about the Expo. We are very proud of our work on the screening/jury films at the Expo. A lot of time and effort went into choosing each one. I'm sure glad you like 'em.

Good luck on staying off cigarettes. Not an easy thing (I've done it a couple times, have been smoke free for over a decade now) to do, so you have my support and encouragement. Just don't make any films where they smoke- it will kill ya.

take care,

Cathy said...

Congrats on the festival! Congrats on quitting smoking - it is hard, I know because I've done it 1,237,589,426 times!!

thebiz said...

Congrats Sisch. Stay strong on the smoking thing. Very hard to do but worth it (especially when smokes are $10 a pack these days). Just think of all that cash you can be spending on hardware/software upgrades.

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