Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Online Voting for the Cinemanila Machinima Festival has started!

The excitement doesn't stop - so shortly after the First Ollies Award Show, which left me overwhelmed and very happy about the support the TMU community has shown me - I'd like to say 'Thank you!' once again! :) - the online voting on the First Cinemanila Machinima Film Festival has started!

I am very proud that Kate Lee's "The Afflicted" has been chosen to be voted on! If you'd like to vote for me (or any of the other wonderful movies in their selection), please visit their website:

Cinemanila Machinima

You will have to register to be able to vote!

There are two categories: Short Film and Music Video.

Among the selections for Short Film are also IceAxe's 'Clockwork', Lainy Voom's 'The Stolen Child', Russel Boyd's/Pooky Amsterdam's 'Shrink Wrapped'... (just to name a few!) loads of great films to vote upon!

Voting will be possible until October, 16th!

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Russell Boyd said...

Amazing results on the Ollies, Sisch. Well, not really amazing actually, just thorougly deserved.

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